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  1. Are you open for commission?

    Yes, we are open for commission. For example we offer 


    1. Personalized/ Customize Jewelries.


    2. Fan art (ex. Anime character, manga character, or original character from us.)

    3. Portrait (Oil or Acrylic)

    4. Greeting/Holiday Cards 

    * Customize card (ex. A customize card with someone’s name or a specific design, concept, idea you want us to draw on the card.)

  2. Is there more design in product page?

    Unfortunately I can only list 5 items for sale since I am a free member. But you can check out the gallery page. If you see a design you like that are not list in the product page, you can e-mail me with the description of the design or purchase them directly at our Etsy shops.

  3. Can I buy the design in the gallery page, but it is not list under the product page?

    Yes, you can request the design you like in the gallery page even though it is not list under the product page only if we have the item in stock.

    Important Note!

    Unfortunately this is a free web hosting site. I am only allow to post 5 items on sale in the product section. So if you want to purchase a design that is list in the gallery page but not in the product page, then please e-mail us with the description of the design. I will get back to you as soon as possible with the arrangement of payment.

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  1. How do I contact you?

    Yes, you can contact us. We prefer e-mail than phone call. So please fill out the form on the contact page. We will get back to you as soon as possibl.

    Thank you

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