Xiao Hong Lin




Xiao Hong graduated with a BFA in Illustration from Fashion Institute of Technology. She is currently residing in NY. 

Xiao Hong is the recipient of Bay Ridge Festival of Arts Grant Spring 2007, participant of the FIT Senior Exhibition 2011, and also one of the finalists for the 2011 NTD 3rd International Chinese Figure Painting Competition. 

During her free time, Xiao Hong enjoy drawing in her sketchbook, painting, or making jewelries.

Xiao Hong loves Japanese culture and like to read manga, watch anime and listen to J-pop music.

 Xiao Hong Lin


Xiao Mei Lin





Xiao Mei had also studied Illustration alongside her twin sister at Fashion Institute of Technology. She graduated from FIT at Spring 2011.

When Xiao Mei and her sister was growing up in China, both were pretty much inspired by Japanese animation that spark their decision to study Illustration to get better at drawing and painting.

Xiao Mei is a huge fan of the famous Japanese Animation director, Hayao Miyazaki of Ghibli Studio and also a fan of American animation studio, PIXAR.

In this website, Xiao Mei and her sister want to show people a different skill they pick up by self-taught. They both started jewelries making back in summer 2010. They are expanding their collections with new designs each day. 

You are welcome to check out their illustrations at their respective website page. They are open to commissions. 

Xiao Mei Lin